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Events at Lake Dardanelle | Environment

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Events at Lake Dardanelle
Events at Lake Dardanelle

Sunday, June 12

11a.m. – Game Scene Investigation: G.S.I.  – When you walk around in nature and you see a track, do you take the track at face value as just a foot print, or do you look around to see what the big picture holds? Join a park interpreter in the grassy area across from the visitor center and see what you can determine about the game scene in the area.

2p.m. – Nature’s Edibles – Ever wonder what there is in the forest to eat. What did Native Americans eat as they traveled through and settled this area? There were no traditional grocery stores for them to go to; they did however have the nature's grocery store.  Meet a park interpreter at the amphitheater and she will introduce you to some of nature’s edible treats.

4 p.m. – Native American Games –This area historically was inhabited by Native Americans. They settled this area before the removal. They made decisions here that changed their lives. Have you ever thought about what their daily lives were like? Have you ever wondered how Native Americans spent their free time, back in history, way before this area was a state park? Are you curious about how their hunting skills were perfected?  Meet a park interpreter in front of the visitor center to learn some of the games Native Americans developed, played, and perfected.  All ages welcome!


Friday, June 17

7p.m. – Creatures of the Night Lake Dardanelle is home to many creatures. Discover some of Lake Dardanelle State Park’s nocturnal residents. Join a park interpreter at the Dardanelle side of the park, in the grassy area near the play ground to learn what animals come out when we go to sleep. We will be outside so dress for the weather.


Saturday, June 18

11 a.m. – Sense of Place – When we first encounter something new, we use our 5 senses to learn about our new encounter. We have everything we need to begin discovering things about the world around us; we have been doing this since the day we were born.  Nature is no different. We can use our senses to explore nature; we don’t have to have the latest and newest equipment. As we grow up we sometimes forget the “simple” observations that taught us so much when we were young. Join a park interpreter at the amphitheater and we will find our sense of place once again and see what new and amazing things we can discovery using our senses.

3 p.m. – It’s All in the Details – What do you see when you look at a tree?  What do you see when you look at a bird?  Often there is more to something than you will notice on your first glance.  Join an interpreter at the amphitheater and hike down the Meadowbrook Trail to take a second look at some things we see every day.

5 p.m. - How Can I Help – Fishermen love coming to Lake Dardanelle, but they don’t love the mess some fishermen leave behind. Join a park interpreter at the amphitheater and explore some of the ways you can help keep the park clean and the fishery healthy.

7:30 p.m. – Evening Kayak Tour – As the Arkansas River journeys through Lake Dardanelle, it continually shapes the land and creates numerous opportunities for people to enjoy from fishing to kayaking. We’ll be paddling our kayaks through some seldom closely seen shoreline of this beautiful 34,000 acre lake.  Sign up at the visitor center (479-967-5516) at least one day in advance.  The fee is $12 plus tax for adults, $6 plus tax for children 6-12 years old, 5 years and under ride free when with an adult.  Please specify when you sign up if you want a tandem (2 person) or solo kayak. We will meet at the front desk in the visitor center. Don’t forget your insect repellent!


Sunday, June 19

11a.m. – Fun with Dad Wondering what to do with Dad on Father’s Day? Why not bring him and the whole family out to Lake Dardanelle State Park to make a kite out of recycled material and then take it for a test run. Meet a park interpreter in the grassy area across from the visitor center to create your kite with Dad.

3 p.m. – Pioneer Play – Join a park interpreter in the grassy area across from the visitor center. You will discover what pioneer kids did to pass the time while the exploration and progress of their parents forged the culture you find here today.


Friday, June 24

8 p.m. – “Little Brother” – Have you ever thought about how people survived before there were stores to buy what they needed?  Come to the amphitheater to learn about how the Cherokee used parts of a deer to get what they needed to survive.


Saturday, June 25

9a.m. – Sr/Cadet/Ambassador Girl Scout IP “Birds” Badge Workshop – Lake Dardanelle State Park Girl Scout Badge Workshops are a fun and convenient way to earn your badges. The girls will complete all the requirements to earn this badge in this single half day workshop. The fee for the workshop is $5 per girl, all materials will be provided. You will need to call ahead of time and register for the workshop, (479) 890-7477. Deadline for registration is one week prior to the workshop date.

11 a.m. – Transformers – Lake Dardanelle State Park is home to many creatures. Tadpoles and polliwogs transform into insect-eating machines throughout Lake Dardanelle State Park. Join a park interpreter in the grassy area across from the visitor center to explore these transformers and create an origami transformer yourself.

3p.m. – Insect Orchestra – Have you heard the music that the insects here at Lake Dardanelle make in the evenings?  Join a park interpreter at the amphitheater to learn more about how insects make their music and help us create our own “insect orchestra”.

5 p.m. – Who Goes There? – There are many creatures that call Lake Dardanelle home.  Join a park interpreter at the amphitheater to discover who they are and what clues they leave behind as they move about. After looking through the clues we will head down the trail and see if we discover any new clues and find out, who goes there?

7 p.m. – EGG-stra Special Creatures – Birds create amazing homes to live in.  Join a park interpreter at the Dardanelle side of the park in the grassy area across from camp host to learn about and see some of these “EGG-stra Special” homes.

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