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Spring time is bug time | Home & Garden

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Spring time is bug time
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Spring time is bug time

The groundhog has predicted six more weeks of winter. And although most are not complaining about a harsh winter now, a cold snap can bring insects that have made homes outdoors for the spring back indoors for warmth. Below is a list from Terminix, the nation’s leading pest control company, detailing the six pests to watch for in the next six weeks.



·         Bedbugs are a perennial pest. They are active all year long regardless of weather. They have a knack for being present during a time after increased travel. As many used the holidays to travel and not check for bedbugs upon their return, the pests have now had the time to create a colony on a bed or couch and wait for time when they can feed. If they are present in your home, seek the help of a pest control professional immediately.


·         Termite swarms occur throughout the year, but they swarm heaviest beginning in February and March. The effects of these swarms can take until the summer or later for the damage to be noticed by the homeowner. It is during this time of year that preventative measures be taken to keep termites out of your home, these can be found at www.Terminix.com.


·         Spiders, once settled, can stay in one’s home for the entire winter. Signs of spiders in your home include cobwebs in corners and under cabinets. Although most aren’t threatening, you don’t want them setting up shop in your home. It is best to eradicate them as you see them by removing them from the home, dusting away the web and thoroughly cleaning the webbed area with warm water and soap.


·         Rodents are a type of overwintering nuisance creature. They enter your homes when the weather starts to cool and stay as long as there is warmth, food and water. Signs rodents have entered the home include gnawed electrical cords, chewed boxed in the pantry and droppings along the floorboards. Use this current weather conditions to fill any cracks in your home’s foundation with caulk, as they can enter through cracks as small one-fourth of an inch.


·         Stinkbugs like to stay warm which is why they enter homes when it gets cooler outside. They begin to heavily enter homes during the fall and nest throughout the winter. When the weather starts to feel warmer, they move around in search of food. When the cold snaps back, they hibernate again indoors until they find it warming up again. Watch for stinkbugs during warm winter days. They can be carefully removed with a vacuum, but if one is present there are usually more hidden so it is best to alert a pest control professional.


·         Roaches are also a year round pest and pose quite a health threat once in homes. Roaches have been known to spread numerous diseases by contaminating food, countertops and other areas. In the event a roach is found, thoroughly clean the area and check for food (including pet food and anything else they might feed on, including food scraps, hair and even fingernails).


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