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Multiple explosive devices found in public park | News

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Multiple explosive devices found in public park

 POPE COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) - Multiple explosive devices were found in a public park in Pope County over the weekend.

Dover Marshals were prompted to call in the Conway Fire Department bomb squad for help Sunday night. Investigators said they have identified the people responsible for the bombs, and all of them are juveniles.

Police never looked at this as any kind of terrorist threat; however, they did take this case very seriously as a matter of public safety.

"As long as I've been working here I've not seen any cases like this," Dover Deputy Marshal Todd Steffy told THV 11. "Our concern was, in leaving a couple devices behind that had not exploded, if a child had found those and picked those up and if they had gone off in someone's hand that could cause some potentially serious injuries."

When authorities cleared the scene they recovered a total of eight devices: two had exploded, four had malfunctioned and two were potentially still explosive.

"These devices are devices that can be made out of common household items and so a person who would see these in the park might mistake them for a piece of trash," said Steffy. "If you are out in a park and you find something that doesn't look right, some kind of a container or package or perhaps a plastic bottle that has some strange substance in it, particularly if that bottle is swollen as if it's ready to pop I would encourage them not to touch it but to notify authorities."

The officer who discovered the explosives had gone through a training recently which dealt specifically with improvised, small explosives like these. Steffy said without that training he may well have overlooked the explosives as pieces of trash.


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