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Dardanelle teen arrested for making threats against school, students | News

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Dardanelle teen arrested for making threats against school, students

DARDANELLE, Ark. (KTHV) - The Dardanelle School District superintendent says a student is under arrest for allegedly making serious threats about damaging the school and students.

Dardanelle Police Chief Montie Sims says the teen is Julian Calfy. He is being charged as an adult, but it is also unknown when the arrest happened.

According to Superintendent John Thompson, police were somehow following the student electronically and found out some "very scary things."

Thompson says police notified the school and the student as expelled Dec. 19, 2011. Thompson says the police "did a great job of possibly avoiding a catastrophe."

Principal Lawrence says police did find evidence to corroborate the charges and they believe the student was actually planning to carry out his plan. The charges have not been released, either.

On Wednesday, THV spoke with Yell Prosecuting Attorney Tom Tatum about items recovered from Calfy's home.

"The investigation began because of postings on this individual's facebook page. They ended up recovering -- what are believed to be the components to make an explosive device," Tatum said. 

Several Dardanelle residents offered their feedback:

"I'm behind the police 100 percent...state patrol, local, whatever it takes because hindsight is always 20/20 when something happens," said Jean Dennison.

"I'm happy that they prevented it...kids have a lot of free time -- they're bored, and sometimes they do irrational things," said Joe Grimes.

"Well the first thing I think of is that a weapon has no place in school. And if they can stop something like that from happening in other schools, I'm all for stopping it," James Black added.

The Yell County Sheriff's Office as well as the Prosecuting Attorney attributed the success of preventing a catastrophe to the Dardanelle Police Department.

The ATF is assisting in the ongoing investigation.