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Lake Dardanelle upcoming events
Lake Dardanelle upcoming events

Sunday, September 16th

10 a.m. –Fire in the Forest– Exploring nature is one of the best ways to discover how everything is connected.  There are many human and nature induced causes of change in any given area. Fire is just one of these; it usually gets a bad rap. Join a park interpreter at the amphitheater and learn how fire can be beneficial to an area. How this tool is used to improve your visits to our park.


3 p.m. – Know your State– How well do you know the history and folklore of Arkansas?  Join a park interpreter in the grassy area across from the visitor center for this fun quiz game where teams will compete for prizes.  All ages welcome!

Friday, September 21st

6 p.m. – Packing Primer – Tonight we will learn some of the necessities for hiking and backpacking. We will learn basic safety measures. There are so many wonderful places to hike and see amazing sites in this great state. A backpacking trip is a great and inexpensive way to spend the day.  Join a park interpreter at the amphitheater for your packing primer.


Saturday, September 22nd

6p.m. –Home is Where the Forest is – Lake Dardanelle has diverse habitat to support many creatures. Have you ever thought of how your decisions affect these creatures? How can you help animals? Join a park interpreter on the Dardanelle side of the park in the grassy area near the playground and discover some of our local birds and how we can help them.


Friday, September 28th

6 p.m. – Pioneer Play– You will discover what pioneer kids did to pass the time while the exploration and progress of their parents forged the culture you find here today. Meet a park interpreter on the Dardanelle side of the park in the grassy area near the playground.


Saturday, September 29th

3 p.m. – Encountering Wildlife– The diverse habitats in and around Lake Dardanelle create many opportunities to see unique wildlife.  However, it is important to remember that we are visiting their homes and should respect their space.  Meet a park interpreter in the grassy area to learn about what to do when encountering wildlife.


7p.m. – River Ramble – As the Arkansas River journeys through Lake Dardanelle, it continually shapes the land and creates opportunities for people like you.  The river is always changing it hasn’t always looked the way it does today. Join a park interpreter at the amphitheater and learn some of the hazards and bounty the river has in store. You will have to navigate your way to safety in order to reap the rewards in our fun river ramble.


Sunday, September 30th

10a.m. – Birding Basics – Bird watching is a hobby for all ages. To get started you only need the 3 B’s: Binoculars, a Bird book, and Birds. Lake Dardanelle has plenty of birds, so come out and meet a park interpreter at the visitor center front desk and learn just how easy bird watching can be.


11 p.m. – How can I help? -  Fishermen love coming to Lake Dardanelle, but they don’t love the mess some fishermen leave behind. Join a park interpreter in the grassy area across from the visitor center and explore some of the ways you can help keep the park clean and the fishery healthy.


2p.m. –The Trail Where They Cried –We will learn about the Trail of Tears and explore the role of Lake Dardanelle State Park and its surrounding area in this dark era of American history, the Trail of Tears. Native Americans, removed from their homes, made decisions here that changed their lives. Join a park interpreter in the visitor center orientation room to learn some of the history that happened in this place.


3 p.m. – Un-Nature Hike- The diverse habitats at Lake Dardanelle provide opportunities to explore nature.  However, sometimes you find things in nature that simply aren’t natural.  Meet a park interpreter at the amphitheater to take a walk down the Meadowbrook Trail to see just how many un-natural things you can find.


Borrow a Park Adventure & Creativity Kit – (P.A.C.K.) you get all the tools you need for adventure and creativity neatly packaged in a backpack along with an adventure guide full of ideas on what to do with all the items.  Our P.A.C.K.’s can be checked out at the visitor center for a $ 10 fee.  You keep the pack for 24 hours and get to keep many of the items for future adventures.     

Remember that all our programs count toward earning your State Park Explorer Certificate. If you would like more information on this program ask one of our Park Interpreters.

Lake Dardanelle State Park, 100 State Park Drive Russellville, AR 72802, 479-967-5516