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11-year-old captures essence of Arkansas through photos | Arts & Culture

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11-year-old captures essence of Arkansas through photos

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (KTHV)- Every day we pass hundreds, if not thousands of people. We see their faces, we see their clothes, but we don't always see beneath their image to their essence.

One young Arkansas girl is trying to change that, one picture at a time.

11-year-old Katie Chandler began the Facebook page Humans of Arkansas in July as a way to tell the hundreds of stories we don't see every day.

"Some people reject us and some people are glad to do it," Chandler said smiling.

"Essentially what's she's trying to do is to capture the essence of Arkansas through photographs, and anecdotes, and quotes," added Katie's mother Amanda Chandler.

Even though she's from the tiny town of Newhope, Katie has traveled all over Arkansas, cementing moments in time in Hot Springs, Little Rock and Fayetteville, introducing new characters, triumphs, and tribulations with each snap shot.

"[Katie] interviewed one lady that moved here from France," Amanda continued. "And she said there were no jobs there because the Germans had bombed everything in France [during WWII]."

Some are glimpses into the eyes of despair, others happiness, and some just capture the humble dreams of a small-town girl.

"It may take several questions to get something interesting out of [the people I photograph]," Chandler added. "But most of the time if they came from another country and moved to Arkansas they have a really interesting story to tell."

An interesting story that's hidden in between the frames of each every one of our fast-paced lives.

If Katie's project sounds familiar that's because it is.

She got her idea from the Facebook page Humans of New York, which first came up with the concept and has over nine-million likes.

To see Katie's work, click here.