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Events at Lake Dardanelle | Environment

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Events at Lake Dardanelle
Events at Lake Dardanelle

Tuesdays and Saturdays at 1:30 pm – What’s for Lunch? –We have 8,000 gallons of aquariums, filled with many of the fish species found in Lake Dardanelle. Join park staff, as they feed the fish live food. See for yourself, what’s for lunch? The December 24th feeding will be moved to the 23rd at the same time, as the visitor center will close at noon in observance of the holiday.


Saturdays 1:45 p.m. – Critter Crunch – Lake Dardanelle’s diverse habitats provide homes for many creatures large and small. Join a park interpreter in the kid’s corner of the visitor center as she tells you about some of the smaller creatures. She will also be feeding these creatures; so come discover the small native wonders we have around us.  The December 24th feeding will be moved to the 23rd at the same time, as the visitor center will close at noon in observance of the holiday.


Eagle Tours – Lake Dardanelle State Park is proud to offer free winter lake cruises for the best chance of seeing American Bald Eagles. Many other spectacular birds will be in the area for viewing including American White Pelicans, ducks, and Snow Geese. Please dress warmly as temperatures and winds are more severe on the lake. In an effort to accommodate as many people as possible for our tours we will be taking reservations this year.  You will need to call the visitor center at 479-967-5516 to reserve your seat. We will begin boarding 15 minutes before the tour, at the boat dock near the Tournament Weigh-In Facility. Also, in case of inclement weather, call 1 hour before tour time for possible cancellations. The dates are listed below.



Thursday, December 1st

3p.m. – Eagle Tour – See above description.


Friday, December 2nd

7p.m. – Star Gazers Challenge – Lake Dardanelle provides a great setting for viewing the night sky. Join a park volunteer at the swim beach parking area to learn the stories behind some of the constellations and explore the night sky. We will see how many objects we can identify. There will be constellations, stars, and planets.


Saturday, December 3rd

9a.m. – Squirrels Gone Nuts- How squirrels prepare for winter is but one fascinating trait for these small creatures.  Join a park interpreter in the classroom where we will discuss how squirrels gather and store food for the long, cold, winter months. You will get to make your own squirrel and enjoy their tasty treats they store to survive the winter months.


10a.m. – Fish Prints– Lake Dardanelle’s fishery is healthy and diverse. We’ll be using the fishery as inspiration to make some beautiful creations. Meet a park interpreter on the back deck of the visitor center to create some fishy art.


3p.m. – Marsh Mystery– As the Arkansas River journeys through Lake Dardanelle, it continually shapes the land and creates opportunities for people like you. We have to be careful when enjoying these opportunities that we don’t affect others. Join a park interpreter in the grassy area across from the visitor center and help her solve a marsh mystery. Discover how you can help protect our natural areas.


4p.m. – Campground Wildlife- The diverse habitats in and around Lake Dardanelle create many opportunities to see unique wildlife. The wildlife you encounter while camping may be the most memorable part of your trip. Join a park interpreter at the amphitheater to discover that animals that might visit you campsite.


Tuesday, December 6th

9a.m. – Eagle Tour – See above description.


Friday, December 9th 

11a.m. – Eagle Tour – See above description.


Saturday, December 10th – Winter at the Lake

See Separate Schedule for Activities throughout the Day.


Sunday, December 11th 

11a.m. – Geocaching 101 – GPS units are not new, but some of their uses are. Geocaching is an activity that blends technology with outdoor activity. Through experiences in finding geocaches people get a chance to get out in nature and enjoy and appreciate our great resources. Lake Dardanelle State Park has a wide variety of nature to explore and numerous caches in and around the park. Join a park interpreter at the amphitheater and discover a new way to enjoy nature.


2p.m. – Lunar Living – So many of us today live our lives by the box. The boxes that fill the calendars we keep. Living based on a solar calendar was not always the way it was. Cherokees and many other Native American tribes for example lived by a lunar calendar. They used the moon and nature to tell them the things that needed to be done at certain times. Join a park interpreter in the visitor center classroom and discover lunar living.

Thursday, December 15th

3p.m. – Eagle Tour – See above description.


Saturday, December 17th 

9a.m. – Morning Bird Walk – Join a park interpreter at the visitor center to take a walk through the area in search of our visiting birds.  Even if you’ve never birded before, you can enjoy these creatures in a whole new way!


10a.m. – Eagle Tour – See above description.


3p.m. – Beautiful Birds - With winter here we have a lot of visitors, looking for a warmer climate. We will explore what makes some of these fascinating feathered friends so interesting. We will make our very own beautiful birds for you to take home. Join a park interpreter in the sport fishing weigh-in facility to discover what beautiful birds we have. 


4p.m. – Wetland Address- Wetlands are one of the many areas of opportunity that the Arkansas River provides as it journeys through Lake Dardanelle and continually shapes the land. We will talk about why wetlands are a great place to live and who lives there.  Join a park interpreter in the orientation room at the visitor center. We will discover how well you know the animals that live in and around the wetlands surrounding Lake Dardanelle.